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Address: Room 2903, 25F, Building 2, No. 3, Xinghua Street (Section II), Daxing District, Beijing

Beijing New-Smart Water Conservancy Construction Co., LTD is a professional construction and consulting company committed to water-related new structure, new material, new process research, development and application, cemented granular material dam, underwater detection, leakage detection, dredging of river, lake and river course and other respects. The company has professional research and development team and construction and advisory technicians in the fields of water conservancy and hydropower engineering, civil and architectural engineering, reservoir dam, bridge, metro and the like. Since its establishment, the company has cooperated and innovated with all circles, accumulated rich experience and made outstanding achievements.
Main research and development direction includes:
1. New dam construction techniques, materials and equipments for reservoir dam;
2. Repairing and strengthening technique and material development for reservoir dam;
3. Construction and new solution in the field of water conservancy and hydropower engineering;
4. New structure, new material, new technology and new equipment for water proofing and anti-seepage;
5. Repairing and strengthening, special material production and installation in the field of bridge and metro engineering;
6. Construction and new material development in the field of civil and architectural engineering;
7. Cemented granular material dam;
8. New underwater detection equipment;
9. Structure leakage detection technology and equipment research and development;
10. Deepwater dredging and river dredging equipment development;

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